Faulty Rear Seat design

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Faulty Rear Seat design



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I purchased my Juke less than a year ago. I purchased the extended 7 year "BUMPER to BUMPER" warranty.
From the first day a noticed that the rear seats that fold down had a poor quality "felt" like fabric. As soon as I placed an item on top of the folded seats I noticed the indention of the metal frame from the seats through the felt fabric. Within 1 month I had two holes on the felt where it meets the metal frame. The seats have a zipper the seems to give the impression that the solution was simple---replace the back seat felt liner. NOT... the zippers serve no purpose. When I went to my Nissan dealer and brought the faulty design issue, he agreed with me that Nissan should have easily prevented this by places a foam padding between the interior metal frame of the seats and the felt fabric.
Although everyone at the dealership agreed, the Regional Service director did not and would not cover the repair under warranty. PERIOD!
Is anyone else having this problem? I was told the car is not meant to be a crossover cargo area. So why allow the seats to fold down at all?

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I've had my seats down on multiple occasions for multiple reasons....however... the majority of the time..anything I've set in there was gently placed in and not just tossed in there. I do agree that maybe they could have put some cushion of some sort inside their...however...it is your vehicle now...and I'm all about customization...so as some people may not see this as an issue and you do.... customize it and make it work for you.
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Because of this.. I've even asked the wife If we could remove the back seat in an attempt to reduce weight in the rear of the juke.. Because camping season is coming up.. I wanted to shed some excess weight.. Sort of looks butt heavy now because I put the 2 1/2 ton floor jack right beside the spare..

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