High Pressure Fuel Rail Leak

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High Pressure Fuel Rail Leak



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I had a few minor issues from the start (March 2011) like a rattling, noisy cabin which the dealer found to be a faulty gasket around my back hatch. That was fixed but they never fixed the squeek coming from my windshield especially in cold weather. That went away as the temp. went up through spring, summer & fall and returned not as bad this winter. In December I started to notice a strong gasoline smell coming in through the vents when running the heat. As a temp. fix my husband suggested re-circulating the air inside rather than drawing it in from outside. That helped but I then was noticing the strong gasoline odor from underneath the car even after a short trip....and mpgs was decreasing too. Fortunately, there were no puddles of fluid underneath. I went to another site http://www.jukeforums.com and found a number of other people had experienced the same thing. I was told by my dealer that I was the first to report such a thing but they too noticed the issue. They replaced the "High Pressure Sensor Gasket, Valve and an O ring". They also fixed the two issues on the recent recall...the air inlet tube and foam kit for door locks.

The dealer was very accomodating (Nissan24, Brockton, MA) and gave me an Altima to drive for a week. I was so glad to get my Juke back...nothing personal but the Altima was so vanilla and boring!
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Next time post a direct link to the solution. I'm not a big fan of autoguide sites. They basically make it impossible for small sites to compete.

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Nissan and luxury sub-brand Infiniti declared a recall last week in regards to the fuel injector system. The problem is with a sensor that can come loose and cause a fuel leak. The recall extends to almost 250,000 worldwide and the carmaker has just revealed that almost 80,000 of impacted units are in the United States. I got more information here: Nissan and Infiniti recall includes almost 80,000 cars in U.S.
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Yes it is a full on recall campaign. Parts are in short supply @ the moment. :o

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