Grill screens for the Juke

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Grill screens for the Juke



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Hey there...I am adding fog lights to the Juke later this month, but as I look at the lower front grill, there are those other 3 "empty holes" that I have some concerns with rocks etc hitting. Not to mention there is an opportunity to "customize" the look if the were filled with some sort of mesh screen, anyone found screens designed to fit in these "holes?"
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Here is what I did, Acquired some aluminum sheets from my wife's work.. preformed this installation on two other Nissan Jukes until I ran out of the aluminum sheets.. It's about time for these sheet to be produced once again then I'll create a how to kit or preform the installation for those interested.
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I have had my 2012 for 3 Months and a Rock took out my A/C by hitting the Condenser. That shinny grill IN FRONT of the radiator FRONT & CENTER behind those big holes in the grill. $1000 painful dollars to repair and yes NO WARRANTY! I have had the Car 3 Months!
I say HUGH design flaw from Nissan... Scared to drive home for fear of spending another 1k.

Anybody else feel my pain? Don't you think Nissan should be correcting the problem.. 3 months, 5000 miles and a dead A/C?

Sick to my stomach..
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I think you are the second person that happened to.

Might be worth buying some DIY grill material and make something to protect it.

I assume you got it installed by a Nissan dealer... It is an $80 part. :? ... ttype=6708
This probably isn't OEM, but most people are happy with the parts they get from rockauto.

In the future you may want to talk to some third party shops or do a little spend a little DIY time. You can buy a lot of tools for $900.

I'm not sure of the details of how it is mounted, but this job probably took no more than 2 hours. I would think you pull the front bumper and then pull the little radiator. Maybe they had to pull the radiator and come at it from inside, but I have a feeling they really nailed you on shop hours.

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Thank you Moto.. Trying to fight NISSAN on install costs... May have a sign Posted on the roof on my Juke parked across the street from dealership to warn others when it is all done... They quote $ 365 for part and 4.5 hours work PLUS freon... I am sure if I DIY that voids the warranty..

NISSAN has an opportunity to make it right and come out with a fix... WE WILL SEE... I will post results.. Bets anyone?

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The problem with this is that its very dealer oriented, i had a rock punch out my A/C unit and even though it wasn't covered by warranty it only cost me 350 to fix it. Unless you have already committed to the service my advice would be to take that price quote, and then shop around at other Nissan dealers in your area and see if anyone will beat it. Oh and for the record if it wasn't covered by warranty no point in worrying about voided warranty, and DIY fixes only void the warranty if you tell them about it >:D

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