what Alarm/immobiliser?

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what Alarm/immobiliser?



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PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:51 pm
Looking through the nissan web site I can only see an engine immobiliser listed as standard spec on the juke.

Is there an Alarm fitted by the factory as standard or just an immobiliser?
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It looks like they all come with some sort of alarm, but can also add some functionality if you want.
* Enhance the Vehicle Security System with the addition of a Vehicle Alarm Impact Sensor
* Helps deter glass break-in theft by triggering Vehicle Security System upon impact or glass breakage
* Protects against any impacts to glass or body of vehicle
* Works in conjunction with the Vehicle Security System
$120 USD

I do not see it listed on the any of the European sites. I assume you might be from the UK based on your previous vehicle, but I don't know for sure. If we can get an alarm system in the US you can get it too, but it might cost a little more. Personally, I always deactivate my alarm on my protege 5 because it is way to easy to set off, but I live in a very safe part of the country.

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correct,I'm based in east london/uk the link to nissan usa is a much better configurator then the uk based web site,i must admit

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